the story so far...

What do you get if you blend the melodic essence that helped shape the ‘70s and the raw garage revival of the late ‘90s with a modern touch of uplifting lyrics and undeniable energy? The answer is Liar Thief Bandit – a power trio born to play live with the sole purpose to carry the torch of all that ever was, is and will be rock’n’roll in its purest form.

After humble beginnings in 2015 making demos and playing those first crucial shows, the defining journey took off in late 2016 when the self-produced debut album “Gun Shovel Alibi” was released. Extensive touring followed and the band’s DIY-ethics brought them to numerous European countries during 2017. Their lightening, energetic live show caught attention and left the audience wanting more. The hectic tour schedule influenced the three-piece to write, record and deliver their sophomore epos “Straight Ahead” released in august 2018 quickly followed by three European tours putting Liar Thief Bandit on the map as a hard-working rock’n’roll band to reckon with.

With new songs in the making, May 2019 saw the trio doing their 100th show in Hamburg as the premiere of an 18-day tour through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic. The coming fall saw a split 7” vinyl with Grande Royale released on The Sign Records and a joint tour through Germany and Switzerland supporting the double A-side single. The track “Virtue Not a Vice” left no one doubting the power of innovating riffs and rememberable melodies that makes Liar Thief Bandit stand out in the current rock atmosphere.

The third full-length was recorded during the spring of 2020 in Malmö’s Tambourine Studios inspired by hardships in a hard-working touring band as well as complicated situations in life. The theme throughout the 12 songs touches on philosophies of picking yourself up, taking chances and facing obstacles with a positive state of mind. “Deadlights” was released on May 14th 2021 via The Sign Records.


The guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter with a determined vision regarding where to go and how to get there. An energetic front man exploring every inch of the stage when not glued to the microphone. With lyrics taken as seriously as guitar solos, creativity constantly fuels this tireless musical engine. Booking most of the shows to date, networking and socializing seems to be a natural force streaming through this adrenaline-addicted mind, heart and soul.

Mike is an ambassador for Orange Amplifiers.



The explosive drummer you wish your band had. One man behind the kit that somehow sounds like a marching band during a lightning strike. With an eye for finesse and a pounding force combined, this battery is seemingly never drained and constantly fully charged. In addition, a valuable sound wizard with eyes and ears for new, technical solutions consistently making sure the band is up to date in the modern world.


In a trio setting, the bass guitar is especially crucial to set the mood and overall feel. This four-string handler lives up to the task with grandeur, bringing a consistent backbone to the table in terms of rhythm as well as melody. A suitable bridge through the frequencies with posture and stage presence rarely seen in constellations like this. Extensive knowledge in the world of string instruments combined with innovative ideas are highly valued attributes puncturing the myth of the bass player being “just the bass player”.